Connect to customers, Supercharge your coffee business.
Offer a modern and beloved shopping experience to customers, know them & interact with them! They will know you and love you back.
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Customer Focus
It's All About
Help to build your customer base, know your customers and interact with them.

From loyalty programs, to auto-greetings, gifts, personal connections, communities and more.
Operate with Ease
Keep track of all the orders with ease. Be notified of new orders, notify customers when the order is ready to pick up.

No more paper stamp cards or prepaid cards, no more losing track in the morning rush.
Have a Real Community
Have a community around your business.

Customers can send stamps, gift cards or orders to other people in the community.
Sustainability with Benefits
icoffee Easycups are the perfect replacements for the disposable takeaway cups.

Save costs and provide customers with a much better coffee experience.
(For details, please contact our sales or support team)
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Features & Pricing
With Easycup Tags enabled, we charge $0.1 per each successful Easycup Tag with no Monthly Fees.

Without Easycup Tags enabled, we charge Monthly Fees (see tables below) based on the real benefits we are bringing to your business.
  • Order & Collect
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Program
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Relationship
  • Multiple Branches
  • Community
  • Dashboards with Weekly & Monthly Charts
  • Shop Discover with Map & Navigation
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Monthly Customers
Between 30 and 59
Monthly Customers
Between 60 and 89
Monthly Customers
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